I have to laugh when I see the checklist that someone must maneuver through once they discover that they are a victim of identity theft. It is no less than 8,000 steps and feels like you are reading antiquated tax law from the 1930s. The overwhelming steps and processes that must be taken if you have any ounce of respect for your name and livelihood legitimately rival the Artamène ou le Grand Cyrus.

“You are going to have to contact the 400 people that were involved in how your identity was stolen. Gee, sorry about your luck you victim of identity theft. Yeah, we know you wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for us-but fortunately, we don’t have to do anything on our end-yeah, this is pretty much the point where we look to you to clean-up this disaster. Have fun with that. After all, it only ruins your life, not ours. Oh, and to go about cleaning-up this debacle you are going to have to complete literally 15 steps per company-then maybe if we are satisfied then we’ll flag the account as identity theft. Now we know that the only requirement we had when this account was opened was that there was a pulse (but actually we will sign up a dead person-seriously we will), but we are going to make you do a little (LOT) more, you identity theft victim. Yes, we don’t believe you’ve been victimized enough.”

Look at any “resource” that you turn to help in the matter. You need a PhD in consumer law and protection to navigate through the system yet “they” expect every Tom, Dick, and Harry to handle with ease. I would no kidding proudly accept an honorary doctorate from any university that would decide to bestow one to me after I’ve managed to navigate my way through this sandstorm.

Why is this approach OK? Why aren’t we demanding and holding the companies and organizations for which do not protect our personal information or do not conduct proper due diligence from the onset accountable. That is what should be demanded and that is what little ol' me is demanding. Join me. Make these entities hold some accountability for this crime, not the victims.