On hold.

Once you discover that you are the victim of identity theft be prepared to make calls and write letters like it is your new full-time job. And it's going to feel like a never-ending homework assignment from hell.

Notice I didn’t say you’d be crafting e-mails.

The phone calls typically won’t prove your innocence to anyones liking either, but it gets the ball rolling-where you get to learn of all the documents and reports they request in order for you to establish that you are indeed a victim.

And so, the back and forth begins. Them checking your work and grading you on what you produce. Such scrutiny...at this level.

And when you call, be prepared to wait. And wait. And wait. Meanwhile, your credit sits exposed and in a mess, and when time is of the essence and you have so little of it while trying to navigate the system, you wait. It would be nothing for me to be on hold for 45 minutes to an hour –or more-for someone to “help” me. Here you are clamoring to get these companies immediate attention-“HEY! I’m a victim of identity theft-over here-over here, (arms waving)-what do I need to do to remedy this NOW?!”and their response to you…………………..…..a long wait (sigh) like watching molasses drip. drip. drip. Adding insult to injury.

Nothing is immediate with remedying identity theft. This is ironic considering how quickly a thief can claim your identity as their own and immediately reap the benefits.

Although the thieves have the option of creating fraudulent accounts electronically, I have yet to encounter a company who was satisfied with my information through e-mail-not that having this option would make any of this any easier or make me feel any more secure. Nope back to snail mail for you-make that certified snail mail. Not that traditional mail doesn’t have its faults, it does, but it’s as if THEY KNOW the electronic system, well, let’s just say isn’t their preference on this side of the issue.