While I believe you can shred all of the documents you want from here to Timbuktu and still be vulnerable to identity theft, shredding is a good start in ensuring the protection of your identity. Years ago, I purchased a little shredder that fit on top of a trash can, and it would help in shredding my documents. After becoming a victim of identity theft, I invested in a much larger, full-machine shredder-Iā€™m not messing around!

This past weekend, I spent the bulk of the weekend shredding and shredding and shredding. I tend to keep everything, thinking I may need it in the future-not yet have I needed to access my cable bill from seven years ago. So, I decided to still kept my tax information and a couple years back of bills, but shredded the rest. It felt good to purge all of that information with all of my information.

Now to keep it up!