akajanedoe and the nine-digit meaning

"akajanedoe" stems from being a victim of identity theft. The meaning behind it is simple. As I was experiencing being a victim of this crime, I felt like I lost my identity (which is probably why this crime is called..."identity theft"...touché).

I had to continuously prove I was who I said I was to unravel the mess that was created by the criminal.

Identity theft struck me. It struck me hard. Sure, I had heard of identity theft before, but really had no idea of its ramifications until I became a victim. Someone screwing with your one and only social security number will get your attention.

There is so much I want to say about identity theft, about what I experienced...what you could experience. So I created a blog.

I think people dismiss the notion of identity theft happening to them because they think the only way you become a victim is by falling prey to a fraudulent e-mail, or if someone calls and you give them your personal information-but think about all of the organizations you trust to hold your information. From your educational institution to a job application. Don't tell me you've never filled out those nine digits on a form before. All it takes is someone (let's call them a criminal) to get their hands on your personal information and coupled with today's "convenient" technology it is the perfect formula for identity theft.