marketing identity theft with humor isn’t funny to me

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see an identity theft product that is marketed in some shape or form. Not surprising as identity theft is big business these days. Companies are lining-up and showcasing the ways in which they can help protect you.

There is an increasing approach to marketing identity theft that startles me.

Major companies, with seemingly large marketing budgets, have settled in droves that with identity theft the current approach to selling products is to evoke humor.

They are either taking this approach for one of two reasons (or both):

  • instead of utilizing the traditional campy scare techniques, they went in the complete opposite direction and are instead warming you up to the idea of these new product offerings by infusing a relaxed humor;
  • they have no idea what identity theft is really all about, including the complexity and severity of this crime.

These marketing tactics have failed miserably in capturing the true essence of identity theft. And even if purposely, they are trying to make something, something that it’s not.

By using the humor route these companies advertise loud and clear that they have no idea what identity theft is and that they don’t care or they wouldn’t choose this tasteless approach.

Let’s not forget that identity theft is a crime. In my state it’s a felony. Since when is a crime a laughing matter.